Verse 1.

Life is a Mystery, a wondrous adventure unveiling herself. Just like the waves in the ocean, each moment is unique and has never been before and will never be again. Such is the innovative and creative genius of nature. Everything is dynamic orchestration and flow. I am nature, I am not separate, not separate to the moment revealing herself, not separate to the orchestra or orchestration. I am the art and the artist, just as I am the waves and ocean, the movement and the mover, the earth and stars - we all are. The first flicker of a birthing star, is a memory that ignites again in my conception, in yours and keeps igniting over and over as life emanates forth woven by waves and spirals of light, of intelligence intrinsic to our existence. All this is enfolded in some inexplicable way in our biology, the vastness of our Being.

"All this is enfolded in some inexplicable way in our biology, the vastness of our Being." 

Can I be in relationship where I am simply a flowing expression of our unity? A relationship that flourishes from reverence. I drop inside myself, be still, I listen. Hidden sounds and vibrations reveal themselves further, the songs of creation. I am moving as the movement, as the very breath that breathes the breather, the cosmos is billowing in my cells. Yet, I am still. I am present with the waves of life rippling my heart, blooming the poppy and swirling the stream. I am present in the unfolding, new realms emerge. The Swan gliding towards me on the lake, her elegant neck moves in a way that transmits a full bodied knowing in me. Through the stillness, the dynamic flow, there is merging. The swan, the gestures are waves of creations longing in the ocean we are - the communication between us dissolves, we are in communion with the Mystery.