Surf the Flow offers two forms of somatic movement classes designed to build health, body-awareness,

confidence, focus, resiliency, creativity, perception, social engagement, self-regulation and renewal.


How can you flow like water and move like the waves?

How can you surf inside yourself and on land?

Can you become the Ocean?

Let's Surf the Flow of Life together!

COSMOCEAN™ is a somatic movement practice

developed by Prue Jeffries.

Usually taught in hour long class format.

It follows a 4 themed pattern of free flow movement.

Just like the principles found in Tai Chi and Aikido

by following the themes, it supports you to deepen

into new experiences of yourself and the world.

COSMOCEAN combines benefits of a workout based on

free movement expression - surfing, with imagination, meditative awareness, restoration and relaxation.


The practice of Continuum

Continuum is a way to fully inhabit our life experience by connecting with the natural fluid origins of our bodies.

Continuum uses breath and sound with attuned awareness of sensations, and engagement with intrinsically generated movements, to enhance the capacity for presence. Our biology’s creative dexterity can emerge from connecting with life’s deeper evolutionary impulses.

Continuum is gentle and nearly anyone can participate.

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