The Flow of Life

The demands of modern world often distract from a deeper connection to living.

Surf the Flow™ retreats are designed for wellbeing and re-connection to the flow of life.

Health & Wellness


Surf the Flow™ creates bespoke health and wellness retreats in select locations worldwide. Lead by Professional Surfing Champion, and Holistic Educator Prue Jeffries CMT, RCST, MSME/T with colleagues and friends. After many years of training, traveling, guiding and developing people, Prue realized there was a combination of elements that can support well-being and self-awareness. The retreats are uniquely designed to integrate holistic self-awareness, and develop resiliency by exploring inner and outer worlds.

They blend a mixture of guided health activities such as surfing, stand up paddling, kayaking and hiking in beautiful natural locations, with different wellness practices such as meditation and movement in order to foster a greater sense of wellbeing and connection with life. Enjoying local cultures, nature, places of history, archaeology and art making as features in each retreat. In order to lesson the impact on locations - retreats are kept to intimate numbers for quality experiences.

Levels of Experience

Retreats have different levels of experience. Some retreats are designed to encourage people to heal through water and nature. People are supported to feel resourced and learn to trust themselves, water and nature. These retreats ask for a reasonable level of health - but people don't necessarily need to be intermediate or experienced paddlers or surfers. These retreats a focus on learning to be with water, nature and building resilience and healing through re-connection with nature, expression through art, moving meditation for resourcing and experiences with culture in the locations chosen.

Retreats are also designed for intermediate skill or people with some experience in the ocean and water. These focus more on fitness, adventure and refining skills - as well as developing a depth of focus and inner work through moving meditation. The immersion of nature, art, movement and health.

Prue is also able to work with anyone needing high performance review of their surfing and mentoring for building resilience and resourcing from her many years as a professional surfer, coach, therapist and educator.

Surf the Flow offsets the environmental impact of flights and travel via the Carbon Fund.

“From taking in megalithic temples, cliffside walks, copious amounts of desserts … to healing with horses, dips in the Mediterranean sea and deep Continuum-inspired work ... this trip reunited me with the creative force of life and the opportunity to experience healing and growth in ways I haven't yet. The quiet potency of the land of Malta and its beautiful, resonant limestone allowed me to experience myself in new ways. The limestone rock resonated my bones and the movements of the sea expanded through my own fluids … the feeling of being alive couldn’t feel closer. Heartfelt thanks to Prue Jeffries” 

Participant from 2019 Retreat.



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September, 2024

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